Dr. Laura Kelly, Ph.D.

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About Dr. Kelly

Hi I'm Dr. Laura. I have worked in school, clinic, foster care, nursing home, and hospital outpatient and inpatient settings treating children, adults, and geriatric patients. I obtained my doctorate in clinical psychology from Adelphi University in Long Island.

I also have specialized training in the treatment of symptoms related to mind-body ailments.

People often ask, what's your specialty? Besides worshipping dogs, vying for my seedlings to grow (even in the colder months), and hoping I don't forget to put my daughter's homework in her folder, I specialize in growing people much as I do my plants. I specialize in working with people in their quarter-life to mid-life while they embark on a path of better understanding their relationships, their mood, their "self". The awesome people I work with sometimes come in while in distress and sometimes come in low-key "unsettled". Sometimes the things we work on are apparent, obvious, and already understood, sometimes not. No matter where we start I find we can uncover meaningful, important things about your life that we will use to help you feel freer and even empowered. 

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