Dr. Laura Kelly, Ph.D.

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For Adults

Adult Support Group

Healthy Relationships Group

Mindfulness Group

Parent Group

For Teens

Teen Group

A forum for teens ages 15-19 to discuss issues related to interpersonal relationships as well as a wide variety of other topics typical to teen development. A place to grow and develop social skills with like-minded teens. This is usually a weekly meeting and is offered on a time-limited basis.

For Children

Social Skills Building Play Group

Children will participate in weekly activities and games. Providing a place for your child to interact and socialize with other children on their developmental level under the guidance of a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Great for children who are temperamentally shy, desire social interactions, or those who struggle with social ques of peers. This is usually a weekly meeting (Please call to inquire about current day and time).  Parents are welcome to accompany their child to meetings.

Groups may be ongoing or time-limited; to inquire about current groups for adults or children please contact Dr. Kelly.